About Us

Discover the infinite Art with ART TANK. Art Tank’s specialty is that we are a unique home based brand. ART TANK is an online marketplace that connect art lovers, enthusiast to buy or gift art with ease. We started working in January 2017. Art Tank was started as a hobby to paint and a thought came in mind to spread it across. And that’s the reason why we are so expressive in our work.

We offer our unique varieties of colorful art pieces here. We do not just paint, we catch every single feeling from disparate humanities and illustrates the expressions into our paintings. We sell original legacy in the form of true tempting handcrafted bottles and love made wall paintings .

Our core legacy is our Handcrafted bottles in which nobody can stop themselves to fall in love with. We work hard on bottle designs so that we can offer taste of every customer. We also offer to customize your wishes into our bottle designs.